Professional Organizing Garage Bins Sugar Land Tx

Out of sight, Out of mind — Garage Organizing

How often do you go into your garage? Isn’t it the place where items go to die? We all need some garage organizing. I do not know how frequently I hear the phrase, “Oh just put it in the garage.” Y’all this is a death sentence for any item. Statistics in America show that 50% of homeowners named their garages as the most disorganized area of the home. Only 15% of the homeowners who owned a 2-car garage, used this space for actual parking and garage organizing.

Well, it’s time to not be a statistic, so I’m going to share some of my best tips & best practices to keeping the garage tidy & neat. These two words are not often used to describe a garage. But it’s possible. Also, I got a little help from my friends at The Container Store.

The best tip I can give you, get items OFF the floor & use the vertical space. We used the InterMetro 4-Shelf Unit, each steel shelf holds up to 300 lbs., wow the possibilities are endless on all you can store. It was very easy to build & we chose white to brighten up the space.

Professional Organizing Complete Garage Organizing Bins Sugar Land Tx

Next amazing tip, weathertight totes!! Get ones that are clear & have the seal, this is so the weather does not hinder or harm anything inside. Now tell me, what are you excited to store outside but up OFF the floor?! When items sit out in the open, they collect dust, dust & bugs & well anything can get inside them, right? If stored properly then the life of these items will most likely be extended. All just my opinions & observations over the years.

Professional Organizing Garage Bins Sugar Land Tx

Ok now let’s talk large tool storage! The Ultimate Track Storage Kit is a must, like I’ve mentioned, get everything off the floor, so a track with attachments is a winning combo. Those larger tools like a ladder, backpacks, camping gear, you decide what works best. The Kit comes with everything you need for a simple install.

Professional Organizing Complete Garage Hanging Tool Organizing Products Sugar Land Tx

Now for the smaller tools! Hammer, saw, screwdrivers & things that are commonly used but also misplaced & duplicated due to well, not knowing where they are located. I have a fix, a Wall-Mounted Pegboard, no seriously store all these items in one space & never search again. Well unless you don’t put it back then we have a whole other issue.

I do hope these tips help & you decide to take my advice! Do not be a statistic!

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