Professional Organizing Bathroom for Make-up Brushes Sugar Land Tx

Under The Sink Needs Love Too!

Are you a mom? A busy business woman? A college student? A newly graduated adult? Yes, good, then this blog is totally perfect for you!

Our vanities & under the sink areas can be an abyss for losing all things!! No seriously most women do not even know what is under the sink or in their vanity. It’s shocking but oh so very true.

I am going to walk you through some basic steps on how to “glow up” that space & make it simple & easy to find the basics.

Step One: Take everything out, yes just like you would any space. This is always the first step, trust me, it gets way messier before it gets near the beautified state!

Step Two: Sort by category, then discard any expired items. Now you asking yourself, lady this stuff is not food it doesn’t expire..UM yes it does. See my photo for reference.

Step Three: Clean & Measure your space. So much dust & dirt get in, makeup flakes, products spill but its okay that’s totally normal. Why Measure? Well the sink base & pipes create a fun tetris game for us so definitely enjoy, measure twice.

Step Four: The fun part! Shop & create that space that make you want to use & keep it up!

Then I got some cool products which I definitely think are amazing but I wasn’t quite using the space to its fullest potential.

Professional Organizing Bathroom Sugar Land Tx

Ahhh…doesn’t that just feel better!! I think it’s so important to use the vertical space as well as the depth/width. Hubby & I also had the bright idea to spray paint all pipes & sink bottoms…well duh Rose Gold!

Home Organizing Bathroom Under Sink in Sugar Land Tx

So why you say, use the vertical space, well these pull out drawer ladies THE Stackable Drawers, um they are just amazing. I do not have to move items around to find what I need. I just pull out the drawer THE Stackable Drawers as they come in a few different shapes & sizes. Nothing needs to move, everything is stacked up & organized by category & 100% labeled. Y’all & these THE Accessory Bin are perfect for hair accessories or really anything that fits & stacks with the sliding tray, can you say genius

And ya know, while I was doing the under the sink makeover, I also used THE Expandable Drawer it was just what was needed to do the drawer & a few finishing touches to the vanity with THE Mini 2-Drawer .

We added left over wallpaper to give it a special touch & then I couldn’t resist adding Rose Gold Foil labels to finish off the “glow up”. I suggest labels no matter if they are fancy or had written, its a way to completely give each item a home. A home is something you always go back to right?! So that is just what I suggest putting each item back home.

Check out below the gallery of all the “glow up” goodness. Enjoy!!

**This post is in partnership/sponsored by The Container Store, but all opinions are mine!

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