A Beautiful Mess 101 and The Container Store Home Organizing Wrapping paper in Sugar Land, Tx

All You Need is Elfa!!

A Beautiful Mess 101 and The Container Store Home Organizing Wrapping paper in Sugar Land

Ohh it’s that time of year again!

Gift giving season & the best time of the year, honestly, it just sends me into an extra go go go mode. Right??!

Well, this year my partnership with The Container Store, I decided to make life a bit easier. The Elfa Door & Wall rack is genius & like I said it’s going to make gift wrapping a dream. Obviously these are my own opinions so do what you like.

My theme this year is Merry & Bright because y’all 2020 has just been a big ole debbie downer, so I wanted Fun, Beautiful & Bold colors to wrap all the goodies in this year.

The install was such a synch, the two main parts the runner down the door & the over the door hooks took the hubs like 5 mins & the rest ahh that was the fun!! See the blank canvas (or design) below. Elfa Utility Gift Wrap has been such a fun addition to my space. It’s compact & can easily fit onto all doors.

Now for the Merry & Bright, these are going to bring so much cheer to each person, I mean I am already loving the colors so much that I need to go Christmas shopping, pronto!! The container store has so many options & ones that will go with any theme you choose. Here is a quick list of the Merry & Bright wrapping paper Multi Stripe , Snow Flakes , Under the Sea , and how cute are these Felt Deer and Cotton Candy ornaments. These beautiful ribbons are so vibrant but I had to go with Pink Fushsia.

My thoughts on this genius time saver is that is totally worth the 15 mins tops to put together & I would even think this would be an excellent gift to give, but that might be just me, as I feel just the simplest spaces need organizing love too. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

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