A Beautiful Mess 101 how to organize your home in Texas

Why an Organizing System?

What do you think of when
you hear the word system?

Well for starters it’s a noun…but by it’s definition it means:

A system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.” The word that pops out at me is METHOD. Instead of system use the word method cause it sounds so much nicer to say!! Agree?

Just for giggles some synonyms:  method (ding ding) methodology, technique, process, procedure, approach, practice, line, line of action, line of attack, attack, means, way, manner, mode, framework, modus operandi…honestly these are all just fancy words for getting something that fits for your life & family.

Do you have a Method in place for other areas of your life or home? What about in these areas? Have you thought of tidiness in these methods of your life?


Clear bins & every item has a home.

A Beautiful Mess 101 Home Organization with Lipstick and Brunch in Sugar Land Tx


Your favorite lipstick and makeup needs a beautiful home and storage solution.

Your Closet

Organized by Style and by Color.


  • Everything is now done online, paying, auto pay, paperless – I prefer all these as it makes life easy:

    • autopay especially as we all tend to forget or push things to the last minute

    • paperless, honestly if you set up autopay there is no need for paper statements

  • Depending on your spending habits weekly or monthly are the best time to go over a budget:

    • make sure that you are staying within your allotted budget

    • set aside some spending & savings if possible.


  • I enjoy laundry – washing & folding, this tends to bring me peace:

    • if you take time to fold & put up items pretty quickly, then it will not pile up

  • He (my hubby) enjoys doing the dishes – as he prefers to not have clutter in the sink:

    • nightly routine of doing dishes

    • morning routine of putting the clean ones away

  • Our daughter – picks up her toys nightly & places them back to their home:

    • this helps kids understand where items go & that they can help out

    • maybe even give a fun reward

    • turn on some music for cool new dance moves – help them make it fun

Day to Day

  • Grab a Notebook or even just your phone & make a list:

    • keep it simple to start

    • keep the notebook, planner or “siri” close in case you have items to add

  • Writing your list for the day will help you keep your day on track:

    • us moms tend to have a lot on our plate, so this make a ton of sense

    • its ok to have a plan or write a list

  • Check it off once done, scratch it out or delete it from you phone – now that will feel like a WIN:

    • once you start doing this, it won’t seem like such a to-do

    • its a great start to you day to get organized

    • know how you are going to spend your time

Work…just think about that! Why not put a specific “method” in place for organizing your day to day?

Life tends to run so much smoother when each & every thing has its own home & if it doesn’t have a home, think about if you honestly need that item. Clothes & Shoes have a home, which is in a closet or drawers. Food lives in the Pantry & Fridge. Yes those 2 areas are a no brainer, I know, but where else in your home are items just sitting around without a home ;-).

Want help establishing systems in your home?

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