A Beautiful Mess 101 Kitchen Baking Home Organizing Kitchen Spices and with Sweetwater Pies Sugar Land Tx

Bake Your Little Heart Out — Baking Organized

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked pie & oh the smell, gosh it’s just pure heaven. One thing I love is supporting local businesses & even more so a momma-owned & operated one. Especially when I can get her Baking Organized!

When this project came along, I knew the one person who would benefit & enjoy this wonderful gift was my good friend Nilou, owner and lead baker of Sweetwater Pies. The pies wanna make you slam ya, momma, lol!

We had such a fun morning with our other momma, Jennifer at Be Wild Photography decanting & photographing all things spices, in these beautiful hand-blown glass jars with bamboo lids. The perfect size jars with the option to shake the spices or remove the gasket seal for more added well, spice. The labels were super simple to peel & stick. The look was very modern & the set came with blank extras for the spices that are well, complicated.

Home Organizing Kitchen A Beautiful Mess 101 with Sweetwater Pies Sugar Land Tx Fort Bend County
A Beautiful Mess 101 Home Organizing Kitchen Spices and with Sweetwater Pies Sugar Land Tx Fort Bend County

The baker’s set had so many fun surprises (but worth the price) must buy to see all the goodness. Y’all, even the baker was amazed!! They have an airtight seal & come with the small details of just the simple measuring scale on the sides. How cool for any avid baker or cook.

The exclusive expanding shelf was just the beautiful pop needed to showcase these stunning jars for easy access & use for the sweet baker. So sturdy & also can hold double what you see below.

The gift-giving continues with the Tovolo Tools! These are Dishwasher safe (a must), heat & stain resistant (even better) & silicone so nonstick (genius).

Like I always say, these are my honest opinions & feedback as these items are gifted to me by The Container Store for me to review & photography & use. Anything you see & love click on the links for direct access.

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