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Fresh Start in October — Closet Organized

Living With Mold Can Make You Sick!

For years my sister and her hubs lived in home that was causing them to be sick. Sister was way worse off and after five years of marriage, being a health coach and wanting a family soon, she knew something wasn’t right. A move was needed to detox her body & mind. So we decided to tackle her new place given the fresh start in October and get her Closet Organized! 


So now here we are but the journey has been trying. It’s hard to watch a loved one suffer & all the issues over the years that hindered so much for her as personally & professionally. So, I thought why not gift them all the beautiful things and organize their master closet!! I thought it was so fitting and she was on board!


I instantly fell in Love with these natural tones and light finishes. Sister is very much a “hippie” at heart & it shows through in almost every area of her life, so this was going to just be perfection. From the woven paper bins to the white slim wooden hangers this dream became a reality in a few short hours.



Like I do with all my clients, we took before photos, took everything out, sorted and we purged. It was so simple and fun ‘cause it was also family time!

We took the Linen Cambridge drop-front boxes and created her a shoe storage, sometimes you must think outside the norm. Normally these would be perfect for sweaters & shirts but it’s not always at it seems. Also, the Yamazaki Tosca necklace set was just stunning and made her space her own, separate from the hubs. Making the jewelry zone in the closet was the best way to keep it tidy & use it on the daily. 
Living the apartment life in Houston, can sometimes be tricky, so making zones in the closet is a must. We used label clips & labels to make it easier to put items back in its place. 

No matter if you have a large or small space these beauties will be just what this organizer recommends. And if you know me, I give my opinions often, but I can say that these are defiantly a new fav’ for sure. Thanks again to The Container Store for such a gift to give. I love trying out all the beautiful pieces and making a happy home.

One less thing to worry about is this master closet and cheers to a Fresh Start and getting her closet organized!


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