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Who Doesn’t Love Jewelry — I Do!

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I love a good jewelry collection as most ladies do!

I have a small collection myself & before coming as an organizer I worked for a luxury jewelry brand in Houston, TX. This was just the start of my love of jewelry & precious stones.

I learned that you need to take care of these pieces, store the ones you use for fancy events away & display the ones you use daily. I feel like the Stackers are a win-win for the pretties. They create a beautiful space for your accessories & they stack up, so it takes up the vertical space & not just spread out all over the place.

They also offer these in a modern & sleek design that goes with the décor, so you are most likely to set these Stackers out on display. With a variety of colors, sizes & with a drawer option, it’s a must-have for the jewels.

Honestly, the fun part is creating your own box or even gifting this to a friend. Y’all even the hubs could scoop this up for you easily.

As you know I am a huge fan of the gifting I get from The Container Store each month & love sharing my thoughts on these products as well. This month was a fun one because I also gifted this to my sweet friend at Be Wild Photography who took the most magical photos.

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