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What our clients say

Rachel is my personal trainer for organizing, and it is addicting! She has helped me organize my laundry room and three closets, and now I want to do the whole house! She truly has a God-given gift she uses to bless families!
— Julie Goolsby

Rachel has an amazing knack for getting in tune with what you need! She is not pushy, but makes great suggestions on what to purge and what to keep, and why. She has really fantastic and innovative ideas for organizing as well.
— Darcy Reid
Rachel is dependable, trustworthy and confidential, three traits I value for a person working in my home office and in my home. Rachel helped with our family’s move - space planning in the new house, purging and packing in the old house, and coordinated with movers and packers during the move. I could not have managed without her help and I will forever be grateful for the countless hours she dedicated to my family. I highly recommend Rachel and cannot begin to say enough about what a wonderful friend she has become during this whole process.
— Shannon Ferguson
After our first initial meeting, I was inspired! She is so easy to work with. Great communication. She organized my closet and pantry, and I now enjoy being in those spaces. I’ll be using her again!
— An Chau
Rachel is very professional and personable! She has amazing organizational skills and magically knows how to put things together! I highly recommend her services!
— Cori Guerin
If you’re ready to get organized, then check this lady out! Rachel, ‘A Beautiful Mess’ creator does a fabulous job helping those who want to live an organized life but may not have the time to do so!
— Kristin Johnson
Rachel organized my pantry. She did a great job. She was quick and professional. I still can’t believe how great it looks and how functional it is!!!
— Melissa Herndon
Rachel has come to my house several times and I always feel so accomplished after she leaves. She has helped me clean out my kitchen, upstairs storage space, and our guest room. I highly recommend anyone looking to clear out spaces and maximize the storage to call her!
— Mary Ellen Phipps
Rachel helped me clean and organize our study. She was very task oriented and kept me on track while we had fun together! She helped me go through kids’ clothes to decide what to donate or sell. I will definitely use Rachel again!!!
— Erin Bibb