Lipstick, Brunch & a Whole Lot More!!


I am so excited to finally reveal a beautiful home office transformation for Nicole with Lipstick and Brunch.

Nicole, a lover of all things color & y’all that shows through in her personality & across her Social Media platforms. If you are not following her, well you should, cause you are totally missing out.

Nicole & I worked together on this project along with our friends from mdesign home decor. I could not imagine doing this space without them.

As soon as I walked into Nicole’s space, I knew this would be a fun project & I could help her solve her beautiful mess. We together, worked hard & spent a good 14hrs in this space. The first step was to Edit down all her beauty products. This meant spending some quality time asking the right questions & giving her my view or opinions.

My first thought was to reach out to mdesign home decor, they have helped my clients out in the past & they so graciously excepted the task. They provided all you see from the Lazy Susan to the Caddy.

mdesign lipstick trays

mdesign lipstick trays

I always say to my clients, start small for a big win! With this space, we did just that. We tackled each part of this space calmly & fixed each issue presented.

Organizing does not need to be overwhelming, it can be fun & bring great joy.

I finished off the office space by adding my own custom labels to the containers. I think this just adds the final touch & completes the vibe of the office. Labels offer a permanent home solution & makes it much smoother for Nicole to find that home.

Custom Vinyl Labels

Custom Vinyl Labels

Thank you to Arzu Vargas Photography she did an amazing job & these photos are simply just perfect!

Nashville & Raelynn

Traveling to Nashville was just what I needed. Not only did I get to spend time with my sister, but transforming Raelynn’s babe cave into a fabulous closet that’s functional, for the constantly on the go Country Queen, now that was a weekend worth the blood, sweat & giggles.

Rae is a true beauty with a big heart and and equally bigger personality! There was never a dull moment. We actually made a trip to pick up her Jeep which was a surprise for her hubby…y’all it was amazing. We jammed some “rough” tracks Rae recently recorded. And let me say, those pipes are just AMAZING. Her latest release, Tailgate, ah just go check it out.

Finally, Rae & I got to work we started by editing down her closet, guest closet & some of her hubby’s as well. That kept us working hard through the first afternoon. We threw away items and made a few trips to the donation drop offs, and even that was super eventful haha. I could not have been more proud of Rae. Purging is not an easy task, but she took my advice with ease, (well sometimes by choice words) and telling me to just take it now, butttt it got did, folks.

The Container Store was our go to for all the organizing essentials. Y’all it’s literally my go to place for most of my clients. They have everything and anything you can imagine. BEST DAY EVER shopping around with Rae & Sister.

After purging & shopping, it was time for the make over…AND let me tell you, we worked for 11 hours getting her “Babe Cave” looking fabulous enough for a Queen, aka Raelynn!!! It was worth it all to see how happy & overjoyed Rae was with her updated space. Now it’s so much easier and convenience to get ready for a shoot, a show or just finding her items and knowing they had a place when she was done!! AH-Ha moments are the absolute best.

Until next time, Nashville...